Poster to promote all the charity organizations the Credit Union has donated money to, in order of importance. Created in Adobe Illustrator.
Many videos were created to inform the public of the donations made by the Wainwright Credit Union. Some can be viewed here:
I created all videos using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, as well as Adobe After Effects.
Poster to promote the CSRIP program, was also published in the local Newspaper - created in Adobe InDesign. Photo credit: Kathleen Couturier.
Videos were created to inform the public regarding the recipients of the CSRIP grants. The videos were created using Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects. 
Infographic created for internal use, to illustrate the procedures and approval process of a social media post. Created in Adobe Illustrator.
Infographic for internal use, to inform staff of the main elements of the Preparedness Plan - created in Adobe Illustrator.
Career Fair display - trifold and brochures explaining different career paths available at Wainwright Credit Union. 
Created with Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator.
Old stagecoach custom decorated for the Wainwright Stampede parade. The parade theme was 4-H Canada. Images printed on weather resistant vinyl. 
Created in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.
Poster made to promote Agricultural Loans. The "Support-O-Meter" was created to monitor donations thorough the year, and was applied to most promotional material. The tagline "Come talk to us, the coffee's on!" was used to appeal to the target clients in agricultural business. Poster created with Adobe InDesign. "Support-O-Meter" graphic created using Adobe Illustrator.
Images created for social media posts to promote the use of e-statements instead of paper statements. Created in Adobe Photoshop.
Centre table created for the 2014 Annual General Meeting, celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Wainwright Credit Union. Vintage was the theme. The Annual Report was following the same theme, and a video was also created to present the Wainwright Credit Union. 
The video can be viewed here:
Poster created to promote RSP products. Created using Adobe InDesign.
This project was a booklet created to promote RSP products. Created using Adobe InDesign.

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